Working Groups

In 2024, we will start with the following three working groups

1.Connectivity & Ecological Infrastructure - Starts at the end of May 2024

2.Forest Rewetting - Starts at the end of May 2024

3.Communication around biodiversity - Starts at the end of August 2024

We conducted interviews and a survey to find out which topics biodiversity and nature conservation experts need synthesis materials and recommendations on. The report on the survey results can be downloaded in German or French. The final selection of topics was made by the Executive Board of the Synthesis Center based on the results of the survey.

Further topics

In addition to the first three topics, which we are already addressing in 2024, further topics have also been selected for the center's future work. The selection of topics for the remaining term is flexible and can be adapted and supplemented depending on the progress of the project and developments in the field of biodiversity and nature conservation.

  • What effects do different maintenance concepts and measures (e.g. mowing times, mechanization) have on flora and fauna (especially insects, birds) and what trade-offs exist?
  • What are the best practices for the restoration of areas (e.g. forests, wetlands) and are there any particular concerns for Switzerland?
  • Which river restoration measures have a good cost-benefit ratio?
  • What is the potential, legal basis and implementation options for pool (measure and area pools) and stockpile solutions?
  • Are there innovative alternatives to established ecological compensation measures (especially in the Alpine region) and how can more ambitious targets be formulated?
  • Where is the potential for promoting biodiversity in settlement areas that can be used in synergy with other target areas (health, climate change adaptation, urban water management, etc.)?

Of course, this does not yet cover all the topics for which we have identified a need for synthesis products. Under resources, we collect existing knowledge products, websites and projects that already deal with these topics. This collection will continue to grow.